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The "Consistency Report" was developed as an alternative diagnostic tool to ScanPST. Integrating such a logic into the PST Data Structure View Tool has the advantage of being able to investigate any issues directly; one can generally double click on a failure and be presented with an inspector dialog of the structure which failed some validation check. It's also useful to use the Scavenge Range feature to see what is actually on disk when a data structure failures validation.


The left pane is a tree view of all the currently enabled tests. Clicking on a specific test changes the content on the right.

The right pane gives a description of the test, and presents any results in the pane below. The results are generally specific to the test type, and are double clickable when appropriate.

The enabled tests are:
  • File Header Ensure the data contained in the header makes sense
  • BTree Test Verifies the BTrees (NBT/BBT) are consistent
  • Allocation Test Validates that the AMaps are accurate to the extent they should be
  • CRC Test Validates the CRC of every object in the file

As you can see, the tests are targetted exclusively at the NDB layer of the file.

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