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Scavenge Range allows a user to select a specific range of the file to scan looking for valid block and pages contained in that range. It works also on "Freed" space (or only on freed space, if you prefer). It does this by scaning the range (actually an area slightly larger than the range) looking for valid block and page trailers.

When a user selects this option, they are first presented with this dialog to select the target range:


The options here are pretty straight forward
  • Address The starting address of the range
  • Size The size of the range
  • Search Free Space Only Only search through space marked as "free" in the amaps of the file. This should exclude known data refered to by the NBT/BBT.

Once you hit ok, the scavenge process begins. This may take a while depending on the size of the range you select. The results look like this:


The top of this dialog is a file range control, representing the range selected. Blocks which were identified by the scavenge are shown in red, pages in blue.

Below this is a table view of the scavenge range results. When you select a row that item is also highlighted in the above file range control. The icon also gives some information; besides the standard block or page icon, if there is a red X as an icon this indicates that what appears to be a valid object was found, except for the CRC. This may mean that only part of an object was overridden on disk.
  • Type The type of the object, block or page.
  • BID The id of the object (from the trailer)
  • Range The location this object was found

If you double click an object the appropriate inspector is opened up to view the data it may (or may not) contain.

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