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The sblock dialog interprets an sblock and it's various fields.


At the top of this dialog is the "File Range Control". The file range control gives you a quick graphical view of where in the file this block is located.

Next comes the sblock header. This is always located as the start of an sblock.
  • btype The type of block. This should always be btypeSB for a vaild sblock. If you see a different value, you are probably not actually looking at an sblock.
  • cLevel The level of the sblock. A level 0 sblock is a "leaf" that contains the actual subnode entries. A level 1 sblock points to sblocks, forming the root of a tree similar to the NBT but for a specific node.
  • cEnt The number of entries in this sblock.

The block trailer dialog includes an interpretation of the fields of the block trailer structure. They include:
  • cb (Disk Aligned) The size of the block, and the aligned version (rounded up)
  • wSig The block signature. This is based on the block id and location of the block on disk
  • dwCRC The CRC of the block. This is validated everytime the block is read from disk.
  • bid The block id of the block. This is the key into the BBT to find the block.

Below the block trailer is the contents of the sblock (logically; the "subnodes" of the node referencing this sblock) are shown as a tree view. Double clicking on these blocks will open browse to that location in the BBT. If this block is a level 1 sblock, data from the level 0 sblocks will automatically be read in order to fill out the tree.

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